• General Education Requirements: Math 13100 and Math 13200
  • PBPL 26400
  • PBPL 22100-22200-22300
  • PBPL 20000 or ECON 20000
  • STAT 22000 or STAT 23400
  • 3 specialization courses
  • PBPL 29800-PBPL 29801 (senior seminar)

Please see the Public Policy section of the College Catalog for more information on degree requirements and options. 

PBPL 22200 requires completion of PBPL 20000 (or ECON 20000) prior to enrolling. PBPL 20000 is offered Autumn and Spring quarters. 

体育盘口_足球比分网Specialization courses can be drawn from classes throughout the University. 

All courses counting toward the Public Policy major must be taken for quality grades. 

Fourth-year students are eligible for special honors if their overall GPA is 3.4 or higher and their BA paper is deemed to be outstanding.