Student ambassadors provide a first-hand perspective about what it's like to be a student at Harris Public Policy. Learn about their passion for public policy and Harris. Connect with one today.

体育盘口_足球比分网Team Harris is a select group of student ambassadors who share their perspective and experiences at Harris Public Policy. They are representative of the Harris student body and passionate about their areas of study as well as their experience at Harris.

Team Harris members are available to meet in person or to talk with prospective students on the phone or online. They also host coffee chats when prospective students visit campus

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Leah Castleberry, Class of 2020

Leah Castleberry, Class of 2020, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Tech Policy, Social Policy and Inequality

Prior to Harris I worked as a Cognitive Solutions Senior consultant with IBM's Global Business Services. I hope to use my time at Harris to continue to explore ways in which the intersections of business, policy, and innovative technologies can be used to create a more equitable future for marginalized communities.

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Terence Chau, Class of 2022

Terence Chau, Class of 2022, PhD

Policy interests include: Migration, Labor, History

I'm interested in researching topics at the intersection of migration, labor, and history. To do so, I plan to use road-proven casual inference tools in econometrics and new, exciting tools from fields such as machine learning and natural language processing. Before coming to Harris, I interned at the UNDP and UN-ECLAC, where I researched topics in labor economics and poverty.

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Justin Douglas
Justin Douglas, MPP Class of 2021

Justin Douglas, Class of 2021, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Cultural/Social Policy, Restorative Justice/Criminal Justice Reform

As a joint AM/MPP student at SSA and Harris, I am interested in better understanding how social policies at the federal, state, and local level impact the process of identity development for marginalized individuals and communities. I believe that we can be smarter about how we write and implement policies and do better in ensuring they both acknowledge these impacts and are more inclusive of diverse and intersectional experiences.

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Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez, MAIDP, Class of 2020

Alejandro D. Gonzalez, Class of 2020, MA in International Development and Policy

International Policy & Development, Leadership & Management, Public Management

I am at Harris because it offers the right kind of quantitative framework that complement my qualitative framework to problem solving. Being a part of the MA-IDP program is a unique opportunity to receive the mentorship, skills set and network that I need to take my professional career to the next level.

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Patrick Hanley, Class of 2020

Patrick Hanley, Class of 2020, Master of Public Policy and Master of Business Administration

Policy interests include: Municipal Finance, Industrial Organization, Institutions

I've spent my time at Harris learning at the intersection of economic policy and financial management. I believe in the nobility of public service, but respect the tools and practices developed in and around markets. I'm here to explore where and how markets work and what that means for public administration and public-private coordination. Harris has (literally) built the space and opened the doors I need to untangle and understand the fundamental challenges facing governments worldwide.

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Patrick Lavallee, MSCAPP, Class of 2020

Patrick Lavallee, Class of 2020, Master of Science in Computational Analysis and Public Policy

Policy interests include: Human Capital Development, Rural Economic Development

I look forward to a changemaking career in human capital development in Maine and other communities for which rurality is a challenge to progress. I’m dedicating my time at Harris to evidenced-based public policy enabled by technology and quantitative methods. My most rewarding work before Harris was connecting people with new ideas and opportunities.

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Yeieun Park, Class of 2020

Yeieun Park, Class of 2020, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Immigration, Foreign Policy, International Security

I am interested in addressing social issues for those who are at a sort of disadvantage. I believe that those who may have had less opportunities than others deserve stability, and I’d like to help them secure that stability through mending policies. I came to Harris to gain the quantitative and analytical skills I need to address social inequality on an international level.

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Matt Shomo, MPP, Class of 2020

Matt Shomo, Class of 2020, Master of Public Policy

Policy interests include: Community Development, Economic Development

I'm originally from Akron, Ohio and graduated from Ohio State in 2015. Prior to coming to Harris, I managed a State Legislature campaign during the 2016 election cycle and spent a year and a half at a community development and housing nonprofit. Those experiences have translated well to academic life at Harris, where I am focusing my efforts on community development at the intersection of housing, education, and transportation, as well as organizational leadership.

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