Moving brings added consideration when two people are involved.

体育盘口_足球比分网Because we realize that the decision to relocate affects all family members, UChicago and Harris provide several options to support the needs of spouses and partners of our students.

Information for Spouses and Partners

体育盘口_足球比分网Employment is often a primary concern. If your spouse or partner is interested in working at the University of Chicago, scores of  are available.

The Office of International Affairs offers resources for , including and an international partners and spouses group.

Moving Your Family

体育盘口_足球比分网The UChicagoGRAD Office has many , including a drop-in  (FRC). The FRC provides a welcoming space where families from the University community can access resources, information, and supportive programming and services. Doctoral students may apply for a need-based childcare stipend through the FRC. The center is free and open to University-affiliated families.

体育盘口_足球比分网The FRC also provides a handbook with more information on schools, daycare co-ops, and more. The University offers . There are also a number of public and private schools in Hyde Park, including the as well as charter schools. If you plan to enroll your child in the local (CPS), be aware that where you live will typically determine which school your child will be eligible to attend, and that enrollment takes place over the summer.

体育盘口_足球比分网UChicago offers need-based, annual child care stipends in the amount of $2,000 (disbursed quarterly in $500 increments) to eligible PhD student applicants.

In addition, Harris Families is a new Harris student organization that seeks to provide support for spouses and your family.


Estela Garcia Rosello

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