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The U.S. strategy in Afghanistan neglected to consider the resolve of those in Afghanistan who were fighting for the existence of their country.
Studying perceptions of audio data, Grogger found that the speech patterns common to African Americans and Southern whites are associated with lower wages.
Meyer uses consumption and other factors to show how official poverty calculations significantly overestimate the percentage of people living in poverty.
A letter about health insurance which was mailed by the IRS to 3.9 million people due to a budgeting accident saved hundreds of lives.
READI Chicago, which provides young men with the "Control-Alt-Delete" technique to de-escalate dangerous situations, 18 months of paid employment and help finding a permanent job, is an evidence-based Crime Lab success.
Health care spending as percentage of GDP decreased from 2017 to 2018, but the spending rate is increasing. Health outcomes do not reflect the extra investments in health care.